Class Whois::Domain
In: lib/universal_ruby_whois/domain.rb
Parent: Object



domain  [R]  The domain name, lower case, no spaces.
server_tld_key  [R]  The TLD server being used for this domain.
whois_output  [R]  The cached output from a whois request for this domain.

Public Class methods

Look up a domain name. If a proper whois server can not be found for this domain name’s extension, it will return nil. Otherwise it returns a Whois::Domain object.

Note: the preferred way to call this method is through the wrapper:


Public Instance methods

Is this domain available? Returns true/false.


Alias for creation_date

Returns a Time object representing the date this domain name was created.

Do we know the creation date for this domain?

Returns a Time object representing the date this domain name is set to expire.

Do we know the expiration date for this domain?

Does this domain have a server which is available?

Does this object have a domain name set?

Does this domain have sufficient info to perform a lookup?

The set of regular expressions that will be used in matching this domain’s whois output.

Is this domain name registered? Returns true/false.

Returns the Whois::Server object for this domain name.

The domain name’s current registration status: :registered The domain name is registered. :free The domain name is not registered (available). :error There was an error looking up the domain name. :unknown The domain name status could not be determined.


The raw whois server output obtained when looking up this domain.